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How To Videos

These informative tutorials offer step-by-step guidance to help you get started on your paddleboard journey.

inflation and deflation

Inflating Your SUP

This video offers a clear, step-by-step guide to inflate your SUP board for a hassle-free and safe paddleboarding experience, suitable for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners.

Deflating Your SUP

Your go-to guide for effortlessly deflating your SUP board. Whether you're wrapping up a day on the water or storing it for the season, the step-by-step tutorial offers valuable insights and practical tips.

The SUP Package

What's In The Box

In this video, we'll provide a glimpse of what to expect when ordering a Bluefin paddleboard. For a detailed view, check out the 'What's in the Box' section on our product page.

SUP Accessories

Attaching The Fins

Master the attachment of Smartlock fins to your SUP board with this step-by-step guide. Gain valuable insights into the seamless installation process.

Building the Paddle

For beginners or seasoned enthusiasts, this guide provides valuable insights and tips. Master the proper assembly and adjustment of your paddle for optimal comfort and efficiency on the water.

Attaching the Leash

Essential for a secure SUP experience, this guide teaches you how to confidently attach your ankle leash to your SUP board, preventing accidental separation in the water.

Attaching the Kayak Seat

This brief video demonstrates how to attach a kayak seat to your SUP, enhancing versatility for water adventures. Discover how to securely fasten the seat to the strategically positioned D-rings.

General SUP Maintenance

Tightening and Changing the Valve

Your essential guide to tightening and changing your SUP board's valve. Whether for routine maintenance or addressing valve issues, this video equips you with the knowledge to keep your board in top condition.

Changing the Fin Clips

Unlock the skill of changing your SmartLock fin clip effortlessly with this tutorial. Master the proper techniques for secure attachment, enhancing paddling performance.

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