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About Us

Discover the story behind our commitment to providing quality, innovation, and an unparalleled water experience.

Our Passion, Your Adventure

Our journey began over a decade ago, fueled by our founders' love for the great outdoors and all things aquatic. This infectious enthusiasm laid the groundwork for Bluefin, igniting the mission to share this passion and the incredible adventures it brings with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

As a family-run business, you can trust that every member of our team shares the same values and goals, which is evident in our products. Our boards are carefully designed and constructed by industry experts, so we can confidently say that they are all crafted by SUP lovers for SUP lovers.

A Paddle Through History

  • Bluefin Was Founded

    This is the year when it all kicked into high gear—the birth of the Bluefin brand. It's when we started building our awesome team and fired up the engines to kickstart Bluefin SUP.

  • The Cruise Was Launched

    Our journey hit a major milestone in 2018 with the launch of the first-ever Cruise model. It was the result of years of hard-earned knowledge, and this board set the stage for all the exciting releases to follow.

  • Launched In The US

    Building upon the triumph of our launches in the UK and EU, we took our expansion efforts to the USA market. Bluefin now has a USA base and is available for SUP adventures across the United States.

  • First Accessory Released

    In 2020, we ventured into the realm of accessories, broadening the Bluefin portfolio to include electric pumps. Little did we anticipate that a couple of years later, we would have launched more than 25 SUP accessories across the UK and EU.

  • The new cruise Launched

    In 2022, we unveiled our new Cruise SUP range, introducing a revolutionary line of Stand-Up Paddleboards that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional design.

  • Kayaks Launched

    The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Bluefin. Not only did we celebrate our remarkable 10th anniversary, but we also broadened our water sports collection from paddleboards to include kayaks, opening up even more avenues for adventures.


Chez Bluefin, nous nous engageons à trouver des moyens de réduire notre empreinte carbone et de devenir une entreprise plus durable. C'est pourquoi désormais, en échange de chaque planche que nous vendons, nous nous engageons à planter un arbre dans l'un des habitats les plus menacés au monde.

De notre fondateur

"En 2013, j'ai fondé Bluefin SUP, alimenté par ma passion pour le stand-up paddle et par ma vision de rendre ce sport incroyable accessible à tous. À notre siège social de Hebden Bridge, nous concevons méticuleusement chaque produit en interne, sous l'impulsion de notre enthousiasme pour tout ce qui se passe en plein air. Notre équipe de passionnés de SUP veille à ce que lorsque vous sélectionnez un produit Bluefin, vous ne choisissez que le meilleur absolu en termes de qualité et de performance. "

- William Vaughan, 2023

Our Mission

At Bluefin, we're not confined to a single mission, we're driven by a diverse set of goals that shape our vision for the future. Our foremost commitment is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with ethically produced, top-quality gear designed for water-related activities. We are unwavering in our dedication to improving our manufacturing processes and harnessing cutting-edge technology to constantly improve our products.

We also prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint and proactively support environmental initiatives such as our partnership with environmental aid organisation Ecologi. Whether through organizing beach clean-up initiatives or pioneering innovative board recycling programs, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing sustainability efforts. We will continue to take meaningful steps towards a more environmentally responsible future.

Explore Our Flagship SUP

Designed by industry experts our flagship SUP is available in 6 vibrant colours. This range combines practical, patented features with an atheistic design. After 10 years of experience and knowledge in the SUP industry we are believe this board is the best on the market.

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