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Cruise Drive Paddle



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A premium paddle for SUP enthusiasts. Cut into and propel yourself through the water effortlessly with our UK-designed Cruise Drive paddle. This paddle provides less water resistance, more glide and smoother, more efficient paddle strokes. Conserve your energy and put your power into gliding across the water. The Cruise Drive’s thoughtful design features, light materials and teardrop shape maximise efficiency and minimise drag for an outstanding paddle experience.

The lightweight Fibreglass shaft and glass-filled nylon blade keep weight down for comfort and increased speed. A three-piece design makes the paddle easy to set up, pack down and store, with a spring clip and quick-release clamp. Height adjustable between 69"-83", with an ergonomic rubberised handle, the Cruise Drive ensures perfect positioning for putting your power into the water and uncompromised grip, even when wet. With our Kayak Conversion Kit, this paddle easily converts into a double-sided kayak paddle for seated paddling. A high-quality, versatile and affordable paddle, sure to elevate your SUP adventures!


  • Weight
  • Dimensions
    69"-83" (adjustable height)
    Blade Width 8"

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    By industry experts


    Provides premium features

Why Cruise Drive Paddle?

  • Strong Fibreglass Construction

    Experience the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, providing you with a responsive paddle that's ideal for various paddling styles. The lightweight nature of fiberglass ensures fatigue-free sessions, while its durability guarantees a reliable companion for countless adventures.

  • Reinforced Nylon Blade

    Crafted with reinforced nylon. Enjoy the perfect blend of lightweight agility and unparalleled strength, ensuring efficient strokes and enhanced durability. The reinforced nylon construction guarantees a reliable and resilient paddle, making it your ideal companion for conquering the waters with confidence.

  • Kayak Compatable Conversion

    Open up an ocean of possibilities! The Cruise Drive Paddle quickly and easily converts into a double-sided kayak paddle with our kayak conversion kit, allowing for seated paddling with ease. Experience the water in a whole new way.

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Bluefin SUP Paddleboard Cruise Drive Paddle

Cruise Drive Paddle



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